Sunday, January 21, 2007

it's still winter

hey all.

i know it's been a few weeks since i've posted, but honestly. . . . nothing's happened.

so, what have i got to report? well, it's not been too cold here, but it's certainly not been warm. the streets are still covered with their winter "four inches of ice," so walking around is about fun and a half. however, i've been informed that there's only one more month of this to deal with, so, i can handle it.

so, here's some news. one day this week at school, there's gonna be a "switch day" that is, kids from the 10th and 11th grades will be teaching and administering the school and their teachers will be going to class. hoot hoot. come wednesday, i'll get to be a sullen, dispondant teenager again. except i can be even less active in class, because my russian skills are well below that of a normal 17 year old. wish me luck and promise to sign my yearbook in study hall!! :)

i know it might be kinda early to be thinking about this, but i've gotta start getting on top of things. who wants presents from the 'stan? but be warned that showing interest in a present also means that you're willing to host yours truly in your home so that i can hand deliver said gift. you've got a couple of months, and i'll prolly post something like this in the future, but i thought i'd give you all a heads up!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

merry christmas and a happy new year!!

yay, you guys!! 2007!!! woo-freakin'-hoo!! let me just start off this post by wishing you all health, happiness, and whatever else you want for the new year. and, i hope you all had fun during you respective holiday celebrations!

so, what's up with me. . . . not much, really. but i do have a pretty decent "holiday story" for you all. but first i gotta give you a little cultural background. so, in the kz, christmas as we know it in the states is not celebrated. their big deal holiday is new year. this big deal holiday is thoroughly celebrated in all parts of the country. usually at schools, the children put on little shows for their parents and classmates and whoever else wants to come. my school was no exception. and my "homeroom class" was in charge of organizing the pageant for the 10 and 11 grades. so, they spent pretty much all week preparing for that whole deal.

and on new year, a nice old dude with a white beard and long robes comes to bring presents for the childrens of the former soviet world. this dude is known as "ded moroz" -- it means "grandpa frost". he doesn't have elves to help him either, he has a granddaughter, "snegurichka" -- it means "snow girl". anyways, no new year's celebration is complete without a visit from ded moroz and snegurichka. so, one of my students got all decked out as ole pappy frost, and guess who they asked to be snegurichka? that's right, friends. . . me! i got to stand up in front of all my students and half of the teachers in the school and speak russian and be the snow girl.

it was actually pretty cool. after every line i spoke, i got huge love (in applause form), so i felt pretty good. and, after the pageant, there was a disco. needless to say, i got down and rocked out hard to 6 month old american and turkish pop music with my students. while it was awkward at the time, i only have fun memories of it looking back. good times.

as for my new year's celebration with my american friends. . . let's just say it was also fun. and leave it at that! :)

i'll give you more when i get it.