Sunday, October 01, 2006

what's the deal?

ok, i want to tell you all about the teachers' day celebration we had for the teachers at the school i work at. i want to tell you all about it. but, this being kazakhstan, there is a catch. the keyboard that i have now does not type the letter between "l" and "n". seriously, where do i live? anyways, teachers' day.

for the celebration, the school rented out a big cafe. we ate a ton of food. . . including several tasty salads (containing a generous deal of "nn"ayonaise), there of course was dancing, and obviously, everything that happened was worthy of a vodka toast. (for instance: "ashli, raushan apai just did a dance in front of everyone, let us drink to her dancing." "ashli, ganai ahai just said a funny joke. we will drink to his wit." and on and on) surprisingly though, i did not get drunk at the teachers' party, and i found that i was even able to leave gracefully before the party was over so i could arrive to the other social call i had to do that evening in the city.

there is a new foreigner in the big city, she is fro"nn" los angeles. anywho, her birthday was today and we decided to celebrate last night by dancing til dawn at a chic disco called "nn"axapaja (we think it's pronounced "nn"a - ha - ra - zha) but the letters on the sign are in both cerillic and latin characters. the disco was a blast, although it was quite overpriced, and i think i have gotten old, because i have got all wore out with all this dancing in the past few days.

well, that's all i will post now, this lack of the letter "nn" is really pissing this girl off. so, i''ll write again when i have all of the letters of the alphabet at "nn"y disposal.