Monday, May 21, 2007

movin on up

ok, so sorry about that, everyone. apparently, for some reason that is beyond my comprehension, i was only able to save the title of the post last time. odd. so, i'll try to recapture the essense of lost post.


movin on up: a tribute

so, i'm movin on up/ to the east side (of kz)/ to that delux apartment in the sky/ i'm movin on up/ to the east side (of kz)/ i finally got a piece of the pie!

that's right. i have moved to almaty. i wasn't supposed to move until august, but stuff happened and i left my village a little bit early. i'm not exactly thrilled about leaving the village, but the powers-that-be think it's best for me to be working in the largest (and therefore most modern and cosmopolitan) city in kazakhstan. so, i'll deal.

and where will i deal? lemme tell you -- in my sweet ass apartment!