Wednesday, May 31, 2006

martha stewart eat your heart out!

so, maybe it's not too exciting, but i just hosted a dinner party for my fellow english teachers on memorial day. and, i am awesome. i MADE HAMBURGER BUNS FROM SCRATCH!! that's right. i took flour et al. and made them into delicious, edible hamburger buns. i'm pretty surprised about that too -- you're not the only ones. i also made salad, potato salad, pasta salad, gazpacho, and veggie burgers. from scratch as well. hot damn, i'm good. my teachers were amazed by the "exotic" cuisine i prepared for them. i had to teach them how to eat hamburgers -- "no, you put the patty on the bun with the tomato, onion, and lettuce, then you eat it all together, like a sandwich. . . " the teachers said i should open my own ethnic restaurant wherein i would prepare more "american delicacies" like the hamburgers.

maybe i've found a secondary project. . . master chef! yeah, right. i think i've only got about one of those parties in me and i've used it up. never again. but, it's good to know that i can do this stuff if i need to.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

not much to report

hey all. as the title suggests, there's not much going on with me. i'm basically just planning for the summer and i think i blew my load on that topic in my last few posts -- so i won't be all redundant with that stuff.

in other news -- it is freaking hot here in southern kazakhstan. not just kinda hot. not "ooh, i'll wear my new capris today" hot. it's freaking hot. it's "sweat while you're peeing" hot. it's "i'm not having dinner because the physical act of moving to the kitchen is draining in this wretched heat and humidity" hot. it's hot. and, as i have been so joyously informed on several occasions, it's only gonna get hotter. HOTTER!! what the hell? it's going to be "i'd love to call home to my family, but i'm afraid if i put the phone to my head, my ear will melt to the phone" hot. joy.

in conclusion, i'm glad i'll be traveling for most of the hotted part of the summer.

ok, well, i'm gonna go. please wait patiently for lively and exciting updates about my travels in the coming weeks and months.