Sunday, January 22, 2006

hey everybody!

how's it going?

i'm back at site and everything's going well. i'm teaching a lot, which is ok. and i've started a club for my english teachers. i'm really excited about this because i think i can help out the school the most by working with the english teachers. i'm only here for another year and a half, so when i leave, it's important that english classes are as effective as possible. my teachers speak really well and they all seem really receptive to my ideas of how to make classes more exiting. i haven't really done anything exiting since getting back to site except try to get all of my ducks in a row at school. so this post is kinda low key.

ps -- i'm thinking about vacations now, and i think istanbul may be a possible destination. if you've got money to travel and wanna vacation in turkey with me this summer for a few weeks, shoot me an email and we can try to work something out.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

little girl in the big city

so i'm currently sitting here in almaty and after half a year in the village, this place is freaking awesome! i highly recommend it, if you're ever around.

i came here for some training, which actually was pretty informative and got me super pumped to go and be a teacher again (i hope it lasts). my visa was extended and now i can legally stay in the country for my whole term of service, sweeeeet.

training was super fun and it was great to see all of my fellow kaz quits again. . . those that were left (lol!!). i have a lot of great stories from training, but i won't put them up on the ole blog -- some of the people involved in these stories may want to run for office some day ;). i can tell you, however, that i saw charlie and the chocolate factory -- in english. hoot, hoot. good flick.

so anyways, i'm just hanging around the office until me and ann go to catch our 10 hour train back to the village. that's right. we're taking an overnight bus back home. it's cheaper than the train and i've heard it's not "that" bad. but, we'll see. it's an adventure and we've so done the train.

so, in sum: training was awesome. i love my fellow kaz quits. i am super inspired to be the kick-assing-est volunteer ever. buses are smaller than trains. i am a little sleepy. i am one quarter of the way through service. yay.