Wednesday, April 11, 2007

got some news

hey, remember when i said i would write more when more stuff happened here in the stan? well, guess what -- stuff happened! yay! so, it turns out that i'll be staying an extra six months here in the land of the (nearly) endless steppe!

hoot, hoot!

so, ashli -- you ask -- why are you staying an extra six months in the kz?

i'll tell you why -- i got something we in the business world call "a job." that's right, children. i'll be working for p.c. (and i'll still technically be a volunteer) but i'll be training the new group that comes in in august. apparently, it's gonna be a ton of work, but i'm really looking forward to meeting the new trainees and helping them to adjust to life in my little corner of the world. it looks like for most of the summer i'll be bumming around: working at various summer camps, going on vacation (lemme know if you can think of any good spots/wanna meet up somewhere), etc. then it's off to work, shaping the new volunteers like so much putty. . . mwah, hah, hah, hah! (hmmm. . . . i probably should have omitted that evil laugh. well, live and learn).

other than that, i've got no news. i'm in the city, working at a computer training for village teachers. talk about an experience! it's both inspiring and frustrating -- some of these teachers can't even use a mouse (frustrating) but they're all so willing and eager to learn and ask questions that it makes me (almost) want to be a teacher forever (inspiring)!

i'm going back to the village tomorrow morning and then it's back to the grind! after almost a month out of the classroom, due to vacations and then a string of conferences, i'm afraid i've forgotten to teach. but, it'll be ok, there's only about a month and a half left of school -- so it'll go quickly. and i can't wait for it to be over, pause, not! even though i'm here for an extra six months, i know i prolly won't be able to get back to the village after the summer. it's harder now because i realize how much i'm gonna miss these guys.

but, i promised before to refrain from too much sentimentality, so i'll stop that now.

see you (not quite so) soon (as i thought last month)!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Ashli!!!!!
See you in November

Love you


11:34 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Wow! Ashli, that sounds great!

After a brief stint in the US of A, I am about to head back to Ecuador, where I will be teaching biology and English in a tiny indigenous village until late September. I've been studying up on my Quichua because the peeps there don't speak the best Spanish... yay for us people teaching in little villages in far-off countries :)

In other news, I am going to Stanford in the fall for my M.A.!!! Classes start September 24. I just accepted the awesome fellowship they gave me to cover all my expenses :D

Well, I hope I see you in Novemberish... or sometime...

1:49 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Congrats honey!

I'm so proud of you, yet selfishly admittedly a little sad...

Will try to call you soon baby girl!



5:43 PM  

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