Monday, June 04, 2007

kaz17 cos

if you know what the title of this post means, you're prolly a peace corps volunteer. this week my group of volunteers is going home (closing their service -- cos). but, like i said before, i'm staying here for another 6 months or so, i'm not going anywhere for a while. but anyways. . . now there are about a dozen peace corps volunteers in almaty getting ready to go home. and, because i now live in almaty, these guys are all staying at my apartment.


i was sort of afraid that i wouldn't get to see everyone before they left. but now i'm living in super sweet almaty in my super sweet apartment. so my 17s are staying with me and it's really great to have a house full of people. not gonna lie -- i like my privacy, but occasionally, i just need to have 10 or 15 houseguests come and stay with me for about a week to help scare away the quiet times.

things have been rather standard for the past few days. no wild times with the pcvs. . . yet. everyone's super jazzed to go and it's making me really satrt to look at the kz with fresh eyes. you know, a lot of the volunteers who are leaving are never going to come back to kazakhstan and so they're tryig to grab all of the memories that they can before it's time to go back to the america. because, (un)fortunately, time fades memories -- which is good if the memories are bad, but bad if the memories are good. . . it's sort of an inverse relationship thing -- and we've really loved our time here, so forgetting anything seems like the worst thing that could ever happen. but, like i said, i'm not going anywhere for a while, so i wasn't feeling that way until i started talking to everyone who was going home.

i realize now that i should't wait until the last minute to grab my memories. i don't wanna forget the kz; it's been too good to me. but right now, i'm doing the slow goodbye thing with all of my groupmates -- it's amazing how much we've grown and how much i'm going to miss them. kazakhstan wouldn' t have been the same without them. so, the kazakhstan memory grab will have to wait at least until i'm finished with the 17 memory grab. . . .

and here's a good memory grab (please excuse the language):

this is a story that i've stolen from alex, a 17 who's leaving this week --

alex: so, i was joking around with one of my freinds and i said to her, "i'm going to f*cking kill you." and she says, "f*ck first, then kill, yes?" hilarious!!!!! alex says "f*cking kill", the friend hears "f*ck and kill"!! so our joke of the day has been to "f*ck and _____". for example: "alex, why don't you f*ck and do the dishes?" "ashli, go f*ck and eat lunch."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Cherish your friends and memories and take lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy yourself this week.
Love you much miss you bunch


8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Toots, Its almost your birthday and we need an address. I talked to grandma today and she said to wish you a happy b-day, I was gonna send you lots of money but it will get there after your b-day so... IT wouldnt be a b-day gift, sorry ya missed out, Sorry I have not wrote you in a while, I suck, And your mom has been meen to me, Love ya, Aunt JoDee
P.S dont forget to eat! cant wait until you come home,

8:50 PM  

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