Tuesday, June 28, 2005

word from the 'stan

In leiu of sending out mass emails (because for whatever reason, email servers don't always feel like working)i decided to post a general dealy on the blog. But, rest assured, if you send me an email, i will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

It's been so hot here that i can't describe it (in russian hot =
zharka). there's no air conditioning, but i'm getting used to the
heat, kind of. i think it's been about 90 -100 degrees here everyday.
but apparently july get even hotter. my host family is pretty great
right now, but it's only been two weeks lol. we have cows and i poop
in an outhouse. yay!!

Here's how my time is being spent in Kazakhstan: basically, i spend four days a week at language class which lasts for6 hours. on tuesdays and thursdays we have technical classes which isonly good because i can occasionally get on the internet. we're learning how to write lesson plans and how to be teachers. i'm a
little overwhelmed right now, but hopefully everything works out ok.

My village is called Abat (a-VAT) and its pretty good sized. There
are little shops all over the place and i can get pretty much
everything i need there. i went with my host aunt a few days ago to a
"disco" which was more like a restaurant with a dj, but it was tons of
fun. the novelty of an american living in their village has yet to
wear off, so i'm like a talking monkey everywhere i go.

Thursday we get to go to almaty for the first time and see the
kazakh national symphony. i'm super jazzed.

How's everyone in the states? what's going on? how's michael jackson
NOT guilty? what's the deal with tom cruise and katy holmes?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No Worries, Everyone!

Ok, I don't know how closely you all have been following the actions of the Peace Corps in Central Asia, but yesterday, the Peace Corps halted all operations in Uzbekistan yesterday. Here's a link to an article on the Peace Corps Website.
However, Kazakhstan is much more stable politically than its southern neighbor. So, I'll still be ok. So, in conclusion, I leave on Thursday, June 9. My next post will hopefully be from the 'Stan.