Tuesday, November 22, 2005

happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!

hi everybody!! what's new?

ok, before i begin with my actual blog post, i want to share with you an amusing incident that happened to me a few weeks back, but i forgot to mention it in the blog. . .. so here goes: i went to the kitchen a few weeks back to make myself some less-than-delicious instant coffee, but seeing as how there is no such thing as actual coffee in the stan, i have to make due with what i got. anyway, back to my story. i am in the kitchen and i hear the cat (who i am alternately fond of and indifferent to) mewing.. at that moment, i was indifferent. i thought perhaps that she had been closed out of the kitchen and wanted to get back in.. whatever. i went about making my coffee. the cat kept mewing, and the mewing became more and more pathetic.. i felt guilty for ignoring the cat and went to the kitchen door to let her in. i open the door.. no cat.. in fact, when i go to the door the mewing gets softer, like ive moved away from the cat. odd. wheres the cat? again, whatever. i go to the fridge to get some milk product for my coffee product. i open the door. . . CAT!!! the cat was IN THE FRIDGE!! and she must have been there since breakfast time, which was like 3 hours earlier. she had some how climbed into the fridge when we were clearing the breafast things. oh, and she was covered in chocolate sauce, like the rest of the fridge. at least they matched. . .

the end

ok. . . i really don't like this keyboard. half of the keys stick, including the space bar. please excuse my typographical errors.. i also am not fond of my internet connection, which is not letting me check my emails.. i will try another connection at a later time. i hope. andd the fact that this room is not heated is also not pleasing me. i think its colder in here than it is outside (which, actually isn't that bad, maybe 50 or 55 degrees -- my mom would say that it is "healthy" in here!)

so, this is thanksgiving week!! yay!! even though i have to work on actual thanksgiving day, i will go to the city of turkistan this weekend to celebraate the holiday with other volunteers. i think i will make a pumpkin pie.. hoot hoot

over my holiday from school, i did very little. i went to school inthe mornings to write lesson plans, but fortunately for me, this usually degenerated into drinking tea and eating verious homemade salads and breads within a few hours.. then i would go home and read or watch tv. i was too full from my "lesson planning" to do much else. i think that the vaccation made me realize how much easier my job is when there are no students in my class. but now the students are back, and its not that bad.

that's pretty much all for right now, not much interesting to report: i'm starting my search for my own house/apartment to rent, which so far looks promising that i'll find a good, affordabe place but i can't move out from my host family until february. and my host mom has been working 20 hour days at the bank because all of her employees quit or something (i don't really know what's going on because it's all in russian).. anyways, my host dad has now taken over the cooking. and, even though before two weeks ago, he'd never done more than boil water, he's actually a really good cook. so, this is a sort of catch-22 for me: i dont want my host mom to continue to work herself ragged, but i also don't want my host dad to stop cooking, as he would inevitably do if my host mom can get some help at work. what do you think, gentle readers?

ps -- i am currently making christmas cards to send out to america. if you want one (and you know that you do!!), email me your snail-mail address (i will probably be abe to checkmy email this weekend and i hope to have my cards sent out by the first of the month so that they'll be sure to reach you by christmas!!)