Monday, June 11, 2007

back to work!

so, the first round of cos-ing 17s has left and i am once again alone in the city. it's not that bad, though, i'm uber busy with work stuff here, and i've started making some connections in the city. so, the fun volunteer times are on hiatus, at least until there are some other volunteers who need a place to stay in the city.

today, they tell me i get to go up to the attic and "organize files". . . i. can't. wait.

that's pretty much all that's going on here. i eventually want to scratch my consumerism itch by buying all kinds of kazakhstan crap. oh, and russian music cd's.


Blogger Scott said...


Organizing in the attic sounds like it ought to be the highlight of your summer. I'm jealous of you. Really. In other news I will actually send you an e-mail within the next week. I need to set myself deadlines or things never happen... In the meantime, you can wile away your carefree hours with this article and photo series on old Soviet video games. Good ol' Yakov would probably have something to say about "games verb you" but these things just look dangerous. I'm a little surprised they don't run on uranium or have a funnel to pour a dram or three of of vodka to power the steam engine behind the screen. Of course, that'd be a scandalous waste of alcohol. Have a good one.

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