Friday, March 23, 2007

trouncers v. dodgers

spring has sprung here in the south of kz, and with spring comes nauryz. we just had a little bit of a get together with some of the volunteers in country and it was pretty standard. we saw the games like last year but, unlike last year, it was totally warm and enjoyable at the stadium (last year was unnecessarily cold). and, i gotta give you the kok par scoop: my region (tulkibas) played the region of michael, another volunteer from the south (sairam). even though michael didn't feel it, there was a major rivalry between us during the game -- which means i basically made "booing" sounds when his region's team did something good (this was a lot)

i'd like to tell you it was a good game, but my boys (the tulkibas "trouncers" -- p.s. i made up the names of the teams. i think it makes it cooler. --) got seriously schooled by the bad guys (the sairam "dodgers"). it was an embarrassing defeat: 4-0. that's right. my boys got no points. which is also kinda crap because, while they didn't TECHNICALLY drop the headless goat carcass into the goal, one of the tulkibas "trouncers" did manage to fall into the damn thing on his horse. and the way i figure it, dropping a full-grown horse and rider into a goal is much more difficult than putting a 20 kilo carcass in there. so, the horse goal should have gotten them, like 5 points. which would have meant my team won and brought honor to the region. but, when it comes to kok par, at least, they play by "the rules" here. so,that means no honor to the "trouncers"; only shame was placed on their heads. in short, i'll never be able to live down the crushing defeat of the trouncers to the dodgers. somehow, life will have to go on.

but, there's my amusing anecdote. i'll give you more when it happens. later!


Friday, March 09, 2007

she's done it again, folks!

so, i managed to go another month and a half without posting. oops. not much has been going on, and that's prolly why i haven't gotten around to telling you anything of note.

winter's basically over here (as is my service. . . ), and i'm working like it's my job at school. other than that, i got nothing. i'll report more when i got it.

oh, my 11th graders got me an "i love you" coffee mug for international women's day on the 8th of march. it's super cute. i love it and i love my kids. i'm all about love!

and i love all of you. see you soon!