Saturday, December 24, 2005

merry christmas with love

hey all, it's christmas! color me jazzed!!!!

i am spending my holiday in taraz and it's going pretty well so far. today we'll have our christmas dinner. . . i made homemade buckeyes. i'm so brining the midwest to the central asian. i'm stoked.

of course i miss you all and wish i was home with you all instead of halfway around the world, but it's not all bad.

of course now that i'm typing i can't think of anything interesting to tell you about. . . we're just having our typical bonding time of americans in the kz.

my host mom is super cute. she sells avon and she got me some hand cream from avon for christmas because, she said, "it has a christmas tree on it and it has english writing on it. . . " she also said that she would take off of work early on christmas to make me bishbarmak (the kazakh national dish that they make for anything resembling a special occasion -- complete with homemade horse sausage!) and then we will drink coffee the living room and drink "100 ml" of vodka -- she said, "i know you don't drink vodka on your christmas, but we are in our kazakhstan now, you must drink to celebrate your holiday here!" twist my arm. . .

so i pretty much just wanted to say merry christmas to everyone. and i've said that, so there. now go and do it. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS, DAMMIT!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ash, just got done watching an episode that introduced Mr. Hanky,, the holiday poo.
OH !!!!
on this Christmas morning I feel as if I reach half way 'round this world reach out with a Hug. I can almost, but it's raining and at least 42f. with a gentle southerly breeze bringing along with it a more gentle moisture from the south, smells like a Tennesse rain. yep, went right through Paducah after picking up some Mephis atmosphere. Good golly Miss Molly, wish you were here.!.

Ryan gets aXXO

Merry Cristmas
luv y'aal boh

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats w/ the useless nuts. anyway, who's recipe did you use? and now i know not to send chocolate or peanutbutter. maybe i send to u small tins of dead fish and american cigarettes? by-the-bye the KZ cheese is the same, and the solid molassis has not gone south.


2:06 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

hi ash, glad that your x-mas was as cheery as ours was here (with less drinking though).

me and kelly got an apartment together, you should stop by some time and see it (if you're ever in the neighborhood). It's a nice 2 bedroom apt in perrysburg, complete with juice and elephant. maybe you can come over sometime and sleep on the couch (it'd be boss).

anyways, hope you have a happy new year (feliz navidad y prospero año que felicidad).

7:36 PM  
Anonymous JoDee said...

Happy New year! i am celebrating with your mom, We are watching SNL and playing Domino's. Not the pizza game, the one with dots. The guy from Napoleon Dynamite is the host of SNL tonight, I am sure you remember that movie, We should have just watched Pearl Harbor, ANyways, Love and miss you, JoHoHo

1:50 AM  
Anonymous jenna said...


mi hermana hermosa! te extrano muchisimo! :) there is so much i have to tell you! my life has changed for the better since i left the asshole back in august! i love you and i miss you sooo much! email me if you want!

2:29 PM  

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