Thursday, December 01, 2005

its winter in the stan'"

evening folks! good news, i have found a reliable internet source -- ann!! i swear, is there anything that lady can't do? anyways, her host family got hooked up with the internet and, in light of my recent computer woahs, ann said i could use her connection.

speaking of the internet, i have a story: so, like i said before, the internet connection at the post office where i have been signing on is less than reliable and as of late, has not been letting me check my email. so i thought, sucks to this, i'll go somewhere else. in fact, there is an internet club in the village. i'll go there. ann had told me a few weeks before that the "technical issues" that the internet club had would soon be cleared up, so the internet would in fact be available at the internet club. so i go. i walk into the internet club, and i ask, in russian, "do you have the internet?"

the guy that works there looks at me like i am the stupidest person in the world for asking such a thing. he looks at me and says, "i already told you the last time you were here, we are having technical difficulties with the internet and we don't know when we will get it."

omg! i looked at this guy and gave the most angst-filled sigh i could muster (which is pretty angst-filled -- seeing as how i work with teenagers i hear them a lot and have gotten good at mimicking them) and said, "fine." then i left. the whole way home i kept thinking, "i wish my russian were better. i wish my russian were better."

why? you may ask. well, why indeed. there are two huge problems with what this guy said to me. 1.) i had never been in this internet cafe before. ANN had been there. and ann and i do not look alike. true, we are both 22 year old american girls with glasses. but that's all. i am a short little blonde girl that can speak broken RUSSIAN. ann is a very tall girl with black hair and a dark complexion that speaks broken KAZAKH. i know "we" all look alike to these people, but come on. 2.) the place is called INTERNET CAFE, but as far as i can discern, they have never had the internet. ITS IN YOUR NAME!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! if you want to be a computer club call yourself "computer club". or, if you really must have the word internet in your name what about "we might possibly one day have the internet club." i don't know.

that's all i got. more later. love and kisses.


Anonymous matt said...

(in before mark). in Soviet Russia, internet has you!

glad to hear we might be hearing more from you soon. i'm still working on your care package. just think of how glad you'll be to get it, cause by then you'll already have everybody else's and none will have come for a while, and you'll be sad and lonely until mine comes and then you'll feel great.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous POpppies said...

corenel Aunt Paula has been voyering your site,

Myself,.; I fel nice that you've found the "SSSSSSHIFT" key.

The Bagel have beaten tne Stearer,

Allow to to respell.

The Benga;s beat the Steelers. Now we have a trrue two game lead,

The Chiefs beat the Broncos, now we have a reasoable opportunity for a bye. Then we only hav to brat the Colts and then go on to play the NY-(footballl)Giants.

ph# por favor?

bye the by, the real is fir barter or fishing

all the heart anhd love the fingers are phat

be good well be safe take care come home.

Aunt Paula is vouyer.

"spell check sucks!", Quoth Sam Clemens.

2:51 AM  
Blogger Mom said...


I miss you! Do you have alot of snow? Any snow? Is it cold? I've got to pick up a few more things and I'll be sending you a Cristmas package. YYYEAAAAA!!
Love you Ashli!!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

internet café? must be a non-american invention... cuz here in the states we believe in owning the internet in our own homes... no need for some "café" to get our internet jollies... i think the reasoning behind that is because in america we hate words with accent marks, "café" just don't cut it! it's called a coffee shop, so stop being so french... ^_^

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rya, it's a Seatle\"euphuism\" that means -- I MISS MY MAXWELL HOUSE--

10:09 PM  

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