Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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yeah, i know, i haven't posted in like 2 weeks. i'm sorry. there were issues with my internet connection here in the village and going to the internet cafes in shymkent are much more hectic and expensive. i did, however, read all of your wonderful comments and emails. . . i just didn't reply. which i suppose is the important part. so today i shall attempt to make up for my flagrant disregard for your feelings and reply to your comments and emails. 2.5 tenge per minute is really all that's at stake here.

so. . . my life here has been going. i have been at site now for almost a month and a half. let me tell you, it has flown. i'm starting to get more comfortable teaching with my kids and some of them are even starting to understand me (notice i said some, i think a good portion of my students are hearing charlie brown's teacher's voice when i talk). i have some funny stories about my students. . . here goes:

funny story #1: there were still a few minutes before class started, so my students were all just sitting around and talking to each other. one of the girls, rimma, is complaining about something in russian, and to emphasize her point, she dramatically falls backward onto the desk. i see this and say in english, 'i think she's drunk.' and another student replies to me, also in english, 'i know miss ashli, i told her not to drink so much before class. she just won't listen!' [maybe this one's not that funny, i was just amazed at the quickness and grammatical accuracy of this kid's response. . . the next one's funny. i promise.]

funny story #2: in my advanced class we're discussing what happened in a short story excerpt that the kids read for homework. there's a part in the story (which is from australia) where a girl writes a note to a guy and asks him, 'will you go with me?' my students don't know what this means, so i explain that it means that she wants to know if the boy wants to be her boyfriend. so as i explain it to my class, i say to the boy who asked the question, 'so, when i say 'will you go with me. . .'' and before i could finish my sentence, the boy says (totally straight-faced), 'yes!!!' everyone in the class lost it and this poor boy (who had just accepted my 'invatation' to be my boyfriend) just sat there and turned so red! HI-larious.

let's see, what else. . . my first english club is today, and i'm super excited. however, i do not have any lessons to teach today either. why? well let me tell you: i was supposed to teach 2 classes today in the afternoon. my family was invited to some sort of kazakh wedding lunch -- i really don't even know what it is. anyway, my host mom so wanted me to go to this 'event' but i couldn't because of class. so my host mom CALLS MY COUNTERPART AT HOME AND TELLS HER THAT I WON'T BE GOING TO WORK TOMORROW. she doesn't ask her. she tells her. ashli won't be at work tomorrow, she has to go to a fancy kazakh lunch period. my counterpart says, 'uh. . .ok' and now i have no work today! [i guess we can refer to that one as funny story #3]

i went to shymkent for the weekend where i attended a conference on hiv/aids training and teaching. it was really interesting and i can't wait to start talking about it with my students and teachers. also in shymkent we went out and drank mass amounts of shymkentskaya beer. if you ever have access to this beer, i suggest you try it. it tastes pretty good, and there is no gross beer aftertaste. ok, now i'm off to read AND answer my emails. bye!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:13 AM  
Anonymous evil stepdad said...

I can't believe we still haven't escaped spammers- even here! It was great hearing your voice on Monday- after we hung up, MCI called back and ionformed us that the call was $150.00! They offered us an International calling plan and they prorated the call accordingly (don't fret, it's only a $5.00 call now!). So, obviously we can have those calls originating from here if you'd like, more often. All you have to do is tell us when to call. It appears that you must be 8 hours ahead of us.
Be good and stay away from those discos now!
hugs and kisses,

12:40 PM  
Blogger edflynn69858228 said...

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4:03 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Why don't you e-mail me? It's ryangtheflava@hotmail.com... in case you forgot! (wink)

I'm glad you're having fun, and I hope you bring your new b/f home for X-mas sooner or later.

Además, mis clases son buenos y he tenido mucho divertido en español.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Mom said...


Did you get your package? Let me know when.
Ask your host mother if she could call into work for me and tell them i'll be busy and won't be in. I love your host mother!
Love you

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Pappa said...

So sorry,
On the way:-- shippped this day.

Oregano, parsley, allspice and what my gran'pas'n'dad told me, "God don't count the days you go fishin' agin 'ya." are on the way. Unfortunately, the Adobo wouldn't quite fit in the box.

by the bye, How's your cat? It's a streatch, but if it needs a companion, I'm quite sure that it won't be Blondie.

Miss your voice; however, have you seen the wee cows on didtoo? Apperently the sisters are all aflutter 'bout 'em. (they are cute.)

Weel, off to try to prove I've understood something.

Ryan, the misspellings are only becuse I'm working on NOT looking at the keyboard. --luv you too.

Ashli, keep on fighting the good fight. If anyofus can show .

Oh, feed-back!!!
Hell, the Gulf coast, the speaker of the House. Saddam may well have been right. Seems as if the locals are losing the stomach to suppor this (incert adjective here) experiment in global democracy.

You know my opinion about eggs and baskets.

As a bye, the local cosmodrome launched another few into orbit.

Ashli, I realize I write crypticly, but other wise it would paragraphs and paragraphs.


10:02 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Wow. Those kids are hilarious. It sounds like you're dealing well with living in a completely new place. And it seems like, except for speaking a different language, these kids are like us. They're pretty witty; you should see if they can get a spot hosting "Kazakhstan's Funniest Home Videos."

Oh, and the first comment on this post is comment spam. You should delete it as soon as you can.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous evil stepdad said...

hey ashley- i saw that there was a pretty big earthquake over in your neighborhood (northern afghanistan). I was just wondering if it shook you guys up at all over there?

5:15 PM  
Anonymous 'oLDAD said...

Yeah, really, did you feal anything?


8:48 PM  
Blogger Big Sis said...

never mind the earthquake.
Did you see the re-entry of the capsule fromthe space station on Tuesday? The 'stan was was the landing area.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Dad said...

'Newport Blues",
with nothin' to lose.

I gotta feign-mouse for all
the right moves.

Miss Spellin' cheques
ain't got no
bother on true.

knowing folks has
showed me a tree.

It ain't as if I missed
growin' -up on me.

Seema(sic) as if I didn't.

Then when

the chance does again
come along too show me

I missed the groove.

Sales and holy-wings
never gave a tune to me.

Silly Close to the grase.

LvV Dad

PS: your e's down; I'm shure you know that, 'bout.'what' tist? donnut , LUV me ne longer?

I must sleep. better latter

5:58 AM  
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