Monday, August 15, 2005

i'll be a volunteer on friday

omg!! my swearing in is on friday!!! YIKES!

today i met my counterpart, her name is gulshat. she seems like a nice lady and hopefully she stays that way because i'll be working with her for the next two years.

so, i did get a cell phone yesterday. but i don't have a number and the phone doesn't work. . .i am also the dumbass that bought the wrong phone card. that's right. i'm an idiot. here's my sad, stupid story: there are two big cell phones companies in kazakhstan, activ and k-mobile. i got activ, and EVERYONE ELSE IN PEACE CORPS in on k-mobile. but luckily, another (more experienced) kaz15 volunteer told me that a lot of people buy both cards and switch them in and out. so, if 1)my phone starts to work or 2)i am able to get a k-mobile card, i'll post my number. no, i won't post it. i'll let people know the number by email. that seems safer. but please remember if you do get a hankering to call me when the phone number is revealed that kazakhstan in 10 ahead of eastern time.

more later.

ps - i didn't buy a winter coat. winter in ruskolova is like winter in ohio. i'm gonna stick with the coat that i brought.


Anonymous matt said...

i'm not going to lie... the idea that i could call you at 2am here and reach you at noon there is quite appealing.

good luck with the swearing in. and i still want that address when you get it.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Mom said...

Hi Ashli

So when do you move? When will you have your new address?
Good luck with your swearng in!
Love you

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

You'll be all right Ashli. Congrats!

Look frwd to hear about your new digs.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Judy said...


So, apparently, I'll be following the trend of people who didn't realize that you had a blog going and discovered it only through lurking other people's blogs (thanks, Mark). So you're on the other side of the marble now?? Awesome. Sounds like you're adjusting well. Look at you, pooping in a hole, and I'm over here worried about my 401(k). I guess we are all handling the post-college world in different ways, huh? Keep on rockin' on and show 'stan what us Ohioans are all about. I miss you, you PeaceCorpSuperCommando.

~ JudyHsu

PS: I (nearly) wet myself laughing about the grapes/bread rolls. Right up my alley!

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Jason Garner said...

I have to second Judy, you are potty-less and I am over here b*tching about memorizing mortage loan processes and setting up a 401(k) and insurance benefits, geesh. I am so proud of you that you have Stalin-graduated from your training and am excited that you get to start doing what you do best and rocking out like a mo-fo! I love and miss you like Mary Kate misses a caloric intake!!!

7:55 AM  
Blogger ashli said...


mary-kate is perfect and she will NEVER miss caloric intake!!!!!

and since i dont think that this warrents a new blog post-- anyone that wants it can email me for my CELL PHONE NUMBER!! wohoo peace corps! i'm in the third world, living on $35 per month and i have a cell phone!

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Dad said...

"I don't nead a winter coat/'

Golshat. Needs and differrantse* are names for the same bother. Still, even in Ohio and in parts of the several Commonwealths, if you don't need a winter coat, it;ssah (snake sound) never-ever bad, to have one.

Long johns are always a good thing. We even use them in NKY.

For a sideboard, (scoreboard) the Reds beat the Gians 17-3 and the Bengals beat the Redskins 24-18.

Ken Griffy (Jr.) hit his 532nd HR and John Kitna tossed a fourty-plus TD.

Well, life if unknown over there, while life if scheluded over here. - - OH, almost forgot, TallStacks are here this Fall. I don't have anyone to go with, (so, silently, I cry - boo-bhoo-bhwho~o, sniff 'n snort)

Homesick yet?

Love you.


* new word, I think it's Belgian

3:30 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Well, you just got posted w/ a new cell phone... nothing as exciting is happening to me. Classes resume on Monday (8/22), and football season starts up soon. Rest assured that you will be the first to know about all of Miami's loses, and BG's and the Bengal's victories. Until then, be safe, love you

11:37 PM  

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