Thursday, July 07, 2005

quirky culture

ok, i have several funny/interesting observations about my host country to share!

today, july 7th, is some official holiday here in the 'stan. on this day, and i'm not kidding, you randomly throw buckets-full of water on people for no reason at all. fortunately for me, the well in my village is dry and we will have no water at all for three days. ok, so it's not really fortunate, but i'll stay dry today.

last night, i officially made dad's spaghetti sauce famous in the kz. i made spaghetti for about 15 people last night and they all said it was fkoosna (delicious). however, my sauce to pasta ratio was off and there was not enough sauce for all of the noodles. i know this because i was somehow posessed to mix the pasta with the sauce. it had the consistancy of lagman (one of kz's tasty national dishes) but still tasted like delicious spaghetti.

in today's kazakh language class i learned some funny words:
to say "grapes" in kazakh, it is "gyzem" (teehee).
to say "bread roll" in kazakh, it is "ballsack" (i'm in junior high school).
the teacher had to stop class b/c we were laughing at the prospect of saying the grapes are tastey and i love bread rolls!! i will never grow up!!

on a less sophomoric note, we have official completed the first month of training. i got my official peace corps id today and i start "immersion teaching" (which is like practice, i suppose) on monday.

much love!


Blogger sherry said...

You needed ballsacks to wrap around your wieners?

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Jim Dusseau said...

Gosh! I hate being wet. Congrats on staying dry.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Ayamara said...

water throwing is a celebtation thing in several places, it's about cleansing spirits and stuff. I had pictures of a dance that involved throwing water and beautiful colors of silks on the women and now I can't find it..... ; (

12:33 AM  
Anonymous ESGold said...

Molassas or brown sugar may be an acceptable substitute. As far as the 'room bother,,,,- are there any abandonded mines about?

You may have a bussiness opportunty! I think I might know some Amish in the PENN who could be of assistance. (w/ the 'rooms).

As so far as the water tossing, with temps in hundres of f, I might think it's a great thing to do. however; no water for three days?? Thank He whom it is what knows all, for the beer and pepsi!! (heehaw), (snort).

2:23 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

...I don't know if I love you anymore Ashli... you say happy birthday to da Mommers but to me... ME?!... I just don't know what to think...

I KEED WITH YOU! I JOKE, I JOKE! (happy belated birthday on an unrelated note)

Also, I think that you should eat all the gyzum you possibly can (very healthy you know), and you can't ever really get enough ballsack (at least I know I can't). Oh well. :v\

I hope that you're having a good to decent time in paradise, because on January 1 - 8 I will be spending a week in beautiful Puerta Vallerta Mexico! I know that it isn't as cool as the 'stan... but hopefully it'll tide me over until I can visit you.


12:47 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

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7:04 PM  
Anonymous JoDee said...

Do you get gysm out of the ballsacks? It sounds like a delicoius dish. maybe I should send my schwetty ball recipe to you!
If you get lost just remember worshor ye ga ma goran, Love ya,

10:38 PM  

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