Tuesday, July 26, 2005

who's got two thumbs and knows where she's going? this girl!!

ok, so this post is a quicky, i've got a crowd of internet hungry pcv's behind me, so i gotta rush.

i will be spending the next two years of my life in Ryskulov!!! TA-DA!! alright, more specifically. . . my town is in southern kazakhstan and has 10,000 people and i will be teaching in a mixed russian-kazakh language school. that's right kids, i am probably have to learn kazakh (quadrilingual much?). the winters are mild, but c'mon this is by kazakhstani standards, so it's still gonna be cold. but since i'm in the EXTREME south the summers are hot as balls. there is another volunteer in my class that will be my site mate, which is awesome. and there are a bunch of other volunteers in my area!! hollaback!

so, that's all i got right now. do some research if you want. tell me what you think. . .GO!

ps -- welcome to my blog scott!! yay!!


Blogger Pop&Bro said...

Don't Have much time, Mattlock is about to come on. So well to hear from you.


12:51 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

Hi Ashli!
I know you said Ryskulov is in southern Kazakhstan but where?
I understand it must be small...but what is it by?
When do you leave or should I say when do you move? Not much going on here at home , except it's very hot(at least it is to me ;))
Whats your new address going to be?
I guess thats enough questions.
Love you and I'll talk to you later.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Yup, it sure is going to be hot as balls there (Kazach balls, to be specific.) This week it's going to be in the upper eighties to mid nineties in good ol' Ryskulov and it looks like there won't be a cloud in the sky. You're lucky you're not one of those blond haired, blue eyed, pale skinned American types... wait... scratch that....

Thanks for the welcome. How 'bout an address?

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Jim Dusseau said...

I think that bananas are delicious.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I think that you should call you new place that you'll live Ryan-stan... b/c that's about how you pronounce it, isn't it? Anyways, I hope you enjoy Ryan-stan, all the other tourists do/did.

On another note, school starts in about a month so sadly my sophmoric humor will have to come to an end in about 10 months (frowny face) which makes me really sad. Love ya, buh bye

3:20 PM  
Anonymous DADdy said...

I found some info on Ryanville. They all have pictures of happy folks and their live stock. Hope it doesn't take long to get use to the smell.

Oh, a.Paula's Dan'l may have to have his gall gladder removed. Wha's up wit dat?


4:42 AM  
Anonymous Poppa said...


here's the gist.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Daddy said...


One of your less known aunts is getting married!!!!


August 27..

Her addrss is: 289 S. Janice LN
Ormondo Beach, FL 32171

Yu may have to put a "USA" w/ periods behind each letter. Go ahead and place the periods (just to be safe).

Well love you and all sort of truth.

Miss you, and I know where it is that you are going into.

Be safe, and ah?g,grh..

If any one can take care of themself, it.s you.

Don't make drive across the Atlantic(I not quite sure of the telephone number of James' women prinson holder type people.
Hope this finds you well.

and still trying to understand [WHY].


8:10 PM  
Anonymous Dad(dy) said...

Just loked at what it was I wrote.

I was using a lame attmenpt to reference that "Peach" movie. Y'know the the one where the kid ran away from his evil ant

JAMES!!! and hid in a giant peach!

WOW, how do folks think of stuf like that?

and then,

How silly, driving all the way from England!!, -
--HAW H ahha ,(snart), whew.(as he brushes humor-induced persperation from his brow}-

Then, the evil females:

drove their leyland aform of Brittish automobile technology)) from Liverpool to New York! Ha-HAW He/Heea' Haw.. (whew).

Well my luv, the thought came to me and there was no reason for it to stop.

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

Hey me-Daughter,

Just got a sattelite view of Ravsokoff. I know that's not how it's spellt, Rykulovo is correct.

What I've seen is that if I knew you were a fisher, you'd slap your head for forgetting to bring your pole. Fine looking lake(s) around that part of the world. As well as several other villages that also have no indoor poop-facillities. All-in-all, I'm sure you'll find pleanty of warm and friendly folks, the geography kinda reminds me of south-eastern Ohio. Just the mountains are taller.

NOW, Off to your south are mountains and off to your east are mountains, to your north and west are plains. To your immediate north is a river, then as you go and turn around farther south, (yeah, my head is spinning too) say as if you're in Toledo and going to Tennessee, there are glaciers.

However; Before you get to the first glacier, you go east into what looks like a very pretty valley, about the size of Vermont. Then I think you run out of Khasakstan.

Wheel, enjion, and do well. Because this is the last time I'm going to ask (you know what I'm going to ask).

All the Love I have (well, I still keep a bit for Ryan, sorry to exagerrate,)

Your very favorite father,


1:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Today I went to my family reunion and my counsin is dating a lady who used to live in Kiev and Moscow, so I told her about my awesome roommate in Kazakhstan. She gave me a phrase to say to you in Russian, but I've since forgotten it. Sorry! I tried really hard to remember it too! Anyways, she told me about a tradition in the stan where the men find women who are walking alone in the street and they take them home to be their bride. I just thought I'd warn you! Ironically enough, this lady's church is planning to send a mission team to Almaty within the next year and I'm looking into joining it. How cool would that be!?! I'll let ya know what happens! Take care and stay cool!
Love, Carmen

7:37 PM  
Anonymous JoDee said...

Well, I to have been traveling the world ashli, I went to the country called Canada. ever hear of it eh? I went to a town called Niagra falls. Its really expensive but they have water falls there. who would have imagined that,
breakfast for 2 at Dennys, $36
Dinner for 2 at the Hard rock cafe $50 (Blt's)
Beer $7 a bottle.
a Canadian hangover. Priceless Not fun crossing the border when your hung over. Love ya,

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:35 PM  

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