Sunday, December 18, 2005

omg. . .have to pee!!

hey all. i am on the internet! hoot hoot! and it's only been like two weeks. it seems that the internet gods are only benevolent in the big cities. it looks like from now on, i'll just have to suck it up and spend the 3 hour round trip in a big van so that i can get my internet fix.

anyways. . . in case you didn't know, i have just about the smallest bladder on the planet. i reallly have to pee right now. but i am holding it. i am holding it for you good people so that you may know about my life. it's not easy, but i will do it. . . .until my pee-pee dance starts to draw the attention of other people around me that is. and i can't just go to the bathroom. public toilets are a rarety here in the stan. i will have to walk half a block down the road and pay 15 tenge to squat over a seatless toilet when i actually to get to potty. boy howdy i will not miss this when i get home.

anyways, merry christmas. i'll be spending the holiday with other volunteers in the beautiful pink city of taraz. (well, actually, i've only heard that it's pink. this will be my first visit. i'll update you later.) it doesn't really seem like christmas here though. for one, it's like 60 degrees outside. and for two, people here don't really "do" christmas. so there's no sense of the impending consumer orgy that is the holiday season. they do, however, have new years here (new year's is pronounced "christmas" of course: they have a big 'new years' tree, santa claus, and gift giving). so that's fun.

after new years, i'm going to training in almaty. so i'll be able to use their kickass, reliable internet and i'll probably have fun stuff to talk about. ok, just a few more emails to check, and then i gotta go. . .potty!



Anonymous evil stepdad said...

Hi there Miss Tiny Bladder!
They must be far more civilized in the stan than France (where everyone pees in the streets)inspite of their extremely limited internet availability. I hope you are well and having some fun there.
Beastmaster sez hey Ashli. Oh... and Bonnie sez she is the only Miss Tiny Bladder here. Merry New Year/Xmas.... we will miss your acerbic wit and sarcastic funny bones here these holidays. We will think about you while we pee into our comfy American toilets!
Hugs and kisses,

4:29 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

pee pee dance, gosh, you crack me up! hope you have a happy x-mas and a merry new year.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comfort of home, Oh! might you hols a moment? Thanks, I'll be right back.


How's the cat? The KY cat is good. She's mewing happily at this moment.

As a matter of fact, all cats are mewing happily in Cincinnati. WE WON THE NORTH.


Hope this finds you warm, safe and hapy.


8:23 PM  
Blogger sherry said...

Sorry I don't write more but, as you may or may not know, "they" are monitoring international correspondence now and so just about anything I might have to say would most certainly put this blog on "the list"! :-)
Enjoy the New Year's eve celebration, if it's anything like Germany, it will go on into the wee hours and sleeping won't be an option (unless you pass out before midnight) otherwise, you might as well participate in the festivities (check with the locals about this first) and then get gobs of... well, let's just call them "fireworks" for now (so as not to attract any attention from the NSA).
New Year's Day should be interesting too!
Love ya!

10:07 PM  
Anonymous jenna said...

remember how i said i wont let you forget your first second language? ha ha.. ok here goes!

hola. me llamo jenna. yo soy la hermana de ashli gold. le extrano a mi hermana ahorita porque vive lejos de aqui en otro pais. ashli, le deje el culero el agosto pasado. despues de tu regrasaste a Ohio, realice que christian fuera un culero. estaba soltera y feliz hasta el fin del noviembre. conoci un hombre fantastico. no se como existe en realidad, el es tan perfecto. se llama travis. durante ese tiempe no estaba buscando un hombre, no lo queria tampoco. sin embargo, sabia que el era un hombre especial, con un gran corazon... y ahora.. estoy borracha con amor real. yo tenia razon.. el es un hombre muy especial.

no me voy a graduar esta primavera. pero, creo el proximo otono. decidi que estuviera terminar el programa del espanol. nada mas me quiero graduar.. odio la universidad.. pero voy a terminar, te lo juro.

ok.. bueno. te extrano, siempre pienso de ti. te amo.

-tu hermana...

5:28 PM  

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